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Who are we?

María and Cristina: a professional duo passionate about the sea

From our experience as sailors and workers in the marine sector, María and I, Cristina, founders of Yacht Angels, want to help fix many of the problems that we have come across so that your only worry is ENJOYING THE SEA. 

One of the areas we have struggled with has been finding personnel, and that’s why it is one of the services we dedicate the most time and effort to.

María Pella belongs to a family with ties to sea from the founding of the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club by her paternal grandfather, to internationally renowned sailors such as Álex Pella. For 12 years she has been doing seasonal work on the sea combining it with her job as an architect and now she has decided to come aboard full time.

Cristina Hausmann has enjoyed the sea with her family ever since she was a child. She has been working on the sea for ten years, managing and sailing charters both in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, as well as organizing tours and crews in Yachts.

Come visit us at our office in Marina Vela Barcelona.

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