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Why choose us?

We’ll become your angels once you try us for the first time

While you relax and drink your coffee give us a call and let us work for you. We require no commitment or fixed fees because once you try us, we’ll become your angels. 

We are efficient, quick and professional, but we are also "angels". That's to say, your experience with us will always be personalized, friendly and professional. Our added value comes from our personalized care and how meticulous we are, and from the "savoir-faire" and good taste with which we provide our service to the client. But above all, from the fact that we demand the best when carrying out commitments we have made.

We are aware of the difficulty behind formalizing sporadic work, and that is why we take care of managing the tax and labour aspects. We do this in a way that both the boat and its personnel are covered in case any problems arise.

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